NOVATEL – New 7.08.02 firmware release for CPT7 products

New 7.08.02 firmware release for CPT7 products

As an existing customer using our CPT7 enclosure, we wanted to notify you about a new firmware release, 7.08.02, which coincides with the release of two new CPT7 variants. The 7.08.02 firmware includes azimuth performance improvements and general updates to your current CPT7 unit and is now available for all customers.

Our two new CPT7 variants, the CPT7 and CPT7700, have the same low size, weight, and power offerings with additional hardware features. We will continue supporting the legacy CPT7. Any new purchase orders will offer the upgraded CPT7 or new CPT7700 variant.


New hardware features on CPT7 variants

The updated dual-antenna CPT7 enclosure includes the OEM7720 receiver board, while the single-antenna variant CPT7700 uses an OEM7700 card supporting a higher availability of frequencies. Both devices include a Honeywell HG4930 AN04 IMU to support our SPAN GNSS+INS technology for position, velocity, attitude, and heave measurements.

New features of the CPT7 and CPT7700 enclosures include:

  • Support for wheel sensor data including ticks and direction
  • Onboard data storage up to 16 GB for real-time data logging
  • Low size, weight, and power for technical scenarios where space is at a premium
  • SPAN GNSS+INS technology for continuously available inertial measurements
  • LED status indicators
  • Optional high IMU data rate (400 Hz) for enhanced data resolution


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NOVATEL – ADAS and Automotive Autonomy through the new PIM222A

Launching today is a new precise positioning product in our family of automotive GNSS solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomy: The PIM222A.

Created in collaboration with STMicroelectronics, the PIM222A module leverages SPAN GNSS+INS technology to deeply couple satellite and inertial measurements for enhanced tracking and continuous availability of position, velocity and attitude, even when satellite signals are interrupted.

See how this new module maximizes integration flexibility and scalability to low-, medium- and high-production volumes.


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NOVATEL – Introducing GAJT-410MS: New marine anti-jam technology

Marine anti-jamming technology for civilian and military applications delivers assured PNT

Interference, jamming, and spoofing are growing threats in marine environments around the world. This latest addition in the GPS Anti-Jam Technology portfolio is a low size, weight, and power (SWaP) variant to protect civil and military operations from interference and jamming in the marine environment, with jammer direction-finding capabilities for enhanced situation awareness.

The GAJT-410MS protects your crew, vessel, and cargo from interference, jamming and spoofing through dynamic protection on M-Code signals as well as GPS L1/L2, Galileo E1, QZSS L1/L2, and SBAS L1. Its marine-hardened shell is optimized for the harsh marine environment, wherever your application takes you.

Using adaptive digital null-forming algorithms to identify interference and jamming signals, adjusting its gain on reliable satellite signals to maintain your PNT. Its direction-finding capabilities enable you to identify and locate the source of jamming signals and optimize situation awareness of your RF environment.

This commercial off-the-shelf, non-ITAR solution is easy to install or retrofit onto existing fleets, enabling assured PNT for continuous operations, cybersecurity, and safe navigation at sea.

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OUSTER – Ouster Supports Python

Ouster software team has released new package that allows customers to use Python to work with the data from our sensors, called the Ouster SDK. 

It lets developers interface with Ouster lidar sensor data directly in Python, simplifying algorithm development, accelerating prototyping, and saving time. The SDK package is underpinned with C++, ensuring that data is processed fast. On top of the C++ base, code sits a Python interface layer that gives developers easy access to all the open-source libraries and fast scripting that Python is known for.

We know that a lot of our customers and Ouster users are waiting for this, so feel free to share it with all customers. Check out the Developer Tools section of the downloads page


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XSENS – Webinar: MTi-680G +RTK | Outdoor real-time 3D positioning of Autonomous Vehicles, Mobile Robots and Drones on the 29th of April!

Vorremmo invitarti al nostro webinar: MTi-680G +RTK | Posizionamento 3D in tempo reale all’aperto di veicoli autonomi, robot e droni giovedì 29 aprile alle 11:00 CEST.

Se sei interessato allo sviluppo di veicoli autonomi o al posizionamento accurato in tempo reale di veicoli all’aperto/robot mobili, questo è il webinar perfetto per te!

In questo webinar Ioannis Papadimitriou, Product Specialist Inertial Sensor Modules presso Xsens, spiegherà come utilizzare e applicare il sistema MTi-680G con Real-Time Kinematic Positioning (RTK).



  • Come ricevere le correzioni RTK
  • Come configurare l’MTi-680G
  • Ottieni dati in tempo reale dall’MTi-680G con precisione RTK
  • In pratica
  • Domande e risposte


Non vediamo l’ora di incontrarti online il 29 aprile! Per partecipare al webinar: Register here!


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NOVATEL – Waypoint 8.90R2 Maintenance Release

NovAtel Announces Version 8.90.4416 release for Waypoint Post-Processing Products

21 April 2021

Hexagon | NovAtel is pleased to announce their Waypoint post-processing software now includes built-in support for HxGN SmartNet, the world’s largest GNSS reference station network. HxGN SmartNet offers reliable coverage and local support from thousands of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) reference stations worldwide, providing centimeter-level accuracy necessary for machine control and automation, surveying, and asset mapping.

With Waypoint post-processing software’s new built-in HxGN SmartNet support, users requiring highly accurate post-mission measurements have a simpler process to integrate precision RTK corrections and RINEX data into their surveys. Waypoint software users with a valid HxGN SmartNet subscription can enter their login credentials in their Preferences menu to integrate their services.

Along with HxGN SmartNet support, features now available in the 8.90.4416 release include:

  • Local license manager interface for offline activation and offline management of Waypoint software licenses
  • Improved support for users using PPP corrections to calculate local base station coordinates and automate differential processing of short surveys

A full listing of all changes is available in the version history documents here:

Customers that have already upgraded to 8.90 will be able to auto-update to this maintenance release from within the software. Customers that are on older versions of Waypoint will need to contact customer support to update their license, provided that their PCS is up to date.


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Webinar – “Ouster lidar for smart infrastructure: intelligent transportation systems (ITS)”

Webinar – “Ouster lidar for smart infrastructure: intelligent transportation systems (ITS)”

22 APRILE 2021, ore 19:00 (Roma  – CEST)

Ouster sta contribuendo attivamente alla crescita di applicazioni autonome, sicure ed efficienti nel mercato delle infrastrutture intelligenti, dalla gestione del traffico al rilevamento dei pedoni. La nostra soluzione Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) riunisce i sensori Lidar digitali 3D ad alta risoluzione di Ouster con il software di percezione, combinando la potenza di più tecnologie di rilevamento in un unico dispositivo.

Unisciti a noi per saperne di più e per ascoltare direttamente dalla città di Chattanooga il motivo per cui hanno scelto Ouster per il loro sistema ITS.


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OXTS – Avviso anticipato della prevista EOL per i sistemi xNAV200,250,500,550 OXTS


Dear Customer,

EOL Announcement for xNAV200-550

I am writing to announce our plan to make the following xNAV products ‘end of life’ (EOL) on 31st December 2021. There will be no supply after this date. The decision to EOL the affected products is a response to our Gyroscope supplier announcing the same for the CRG20 gyro, which is present in both affected products.

Affected product models: xNAV200-550

With the release of the xNAV650 for Survey and Mapping Applications, we believe that we have a reliable alternative to the affected products at a competitive price point. You may continue to order any of the affected products up until December 31st, 2021. If you wish to receive a demonstration unit of the xNAV650 for evaluation purposes, then please contact us.


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OXTS – Avviso di EOL per i sistemi RT1003 e OEM1000 OXTS



Dear Customer,

EOL Announcement for RT1003 and OEM1000

I am writing to announce our plan to make the following INS products ‘end of life’ (EOL) on 31st December 2021. There will be no supply after this date. The decision to EOL the affected products is in response to our Gyroscope supplier announcing the same for the CRG20 gyro – this is a key component present in both affected products.

Affected product models: RT1003 and OEM1000

It is our firm plan to develop new versions of the affected product models. This work has started already. The new versions are expected to include the same exterior (case, label, front panel, user cable) as they do now, with similar or improved performance for automotive testing applications. We intend to work collaboratively with our customers throughout 2021 to develop, test and release these new versions into the market as seamlessly as possible.


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PPM TEST – New Passive Integrator and Current Probe to Range

PPM Test has expanded its offering of passive integrators and current probes with the addition of two products from its partner Prodyn Technologies.

The PI-.05 is the latest addition to the range of passive integrators and has a faster time constant of .05 microseconds and higher frequency than the other integrators. There are different standard connectors available with the integrator, including SMA, TNC and BNC. The maximum voltage will alter depending on the connector type. (FIG. 1)



PPM Test also stocks Prodyn’s new I-125-2E current probe. As part of the I-125 series, it has a mid-size aperture of 1.25 inches and hinged two piece design for durability and ease of use. The probe is a Kwik-Latch® wide band device with a usable frequency range of between 1 kHz and 200 MHz and a transfer impedance of 1 ?. It comes with the ‘N’ type connector as standard. (FIG. 2)

FIG. 2


The PI-.05 passive integrator is used in pulse waveform immunity EMC / EMP testing, while the new I-125-2E current probe is used in pulse waveform and high power conducted signal measurement on cable assemblies. Prodyn, which recently celebrated its 40th birthday, is a leading expert in the electromagnetic testing industry and provides high quality sensors and probes for its customers in the USA scientific and electronic communities. Partner PPM Test supplies Prodyn products globally, outside of the USA.


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