NOVATEL – NovAtel Announces End of Life for GNSS-501 and GPS-703-GGG-HV-N antennas

NovAtel Inc. is announcing the End of Life for the GNSS-501 and GPS-703-GGG-HV-N.

The GPS-703-GGG-HV-N is EOL effectively immediately; NovAtel recommends the GPS-703-GGG-HV as a substitute for high vibe positioning applications. The product sheet for the GPS-703-GGG-HV is here:

The GNSS-501 will be available for order until Dec 31, 2022, or until inventory has been depleted. Once inventory is depleted, NovAtel recommends the GNSS-502 as a replacement. The GNSS-502 supports all bands supported by the GNSS-501, and adds GPS L2, GLO L2, Gal E5b, and BeiDou B2b/B2I, with the same enclosure and form factor as the GNSS-501. The product sheet for the GNSS-502 is here:

NovAtel will continue to support and repair these products until Dec 31, 2023.

For a complete listing of NovAtel products at end of life, including the expiration of support and repair for those products, please refer to the list of the discontinued products on the NovAtel website at:


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XSENS – Extended MTi product portfolio

Xsens extends industrial motion tracking products with new rugged modules for harsh environments

It is a pleasure to announce that we have two new products in our MTi 600-series, extending the customer’s choice of rugged products with and without an integrated satellite positioning receiver.

Xsens is adding a new GNSS/Inertial Navigation System (INS) module, the MTi-670G, and a rugged Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), the MTi-630R to the MTi 600-series. The complete MTi 600-series lineup now offers a flexible and diverse choice of products that is capable of meeting a broad range of application requirements at competitive prices. The rugged products added to the MTi 600-series are particularly well suited to use in harsh environments in maritime, mining, agricultural, and many other applications.

The MTi-670G and MTi-630R are housed in an IP68-rated aluminum enclosure which measures 40.9mm x 56.5mm x 36.8mm, and is high vibration- and shock-proof. Both modules feature standard CAN and RS232 interfaces and an output data rate of up to 400Hz.


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TALLYSMAN – Avviso di interruzione produzione dei prodotti TW534X

TW534X Discontinuation Notice

Attention all Tallysman Distribution Partners,

We have included a letter that serves as formal notification that Tallysman Wireless Incorporated (Tallysman) is discontinuing the production of the products listed below.

Discontinued Products:

  • TW5340 – GPS L1/ GLONASS G1 + SBAS Smart Antenna ( Timing)
  • TW5341 – Non-magnetic GPS L1/ GLONASS G1 + SBAS smart antenna ( Timing)
  • TW5343 – GPS L1/ GLONASS G1 + SBAS Smart Antenna (2* RS422 outputs)

As a part of our continuous commitment to provide customers with the most current technology and the best experience, Tallysman is discontinuing manufacturing selected products from our standard product offerings due to excessive lead times on certain components from our supply chain.

Tallysman has served the industrial market and we understand the importance of the industrial market life cycle. However, in today’s rapidly changing world, components become obsolete for many reasons, including continual advances in technologies. We will make our best effort to provide a product with the same functionality and quality.


Recommended Alternative Product Lines:

The following products are form fit and function compatible with the TW534X products except for the 1PPS qualification output, please contact Tallysman for additional information.

  • TW5350 – GPS L1/ GLONASS G1 + SBAS Smart Antenna ( Timing)
  • TW5351 – Non-magnetic GPS L1/ GLONASS G1 + SBAS smart antenna ( Timing)
  • TW5353 – GPS L1/ GLONASS G1 + SBAS Smart Antenna (2* RS422 outputs)


Warranty and After Market Parts Support for Obsoleted Products:

Warranty: Standard Tallysman warranty terms are applicable.

We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause and remain eager to meet your future requirements.

Letter for Customers: TW534X Discontinuation Letter


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RACE TECHNOLOGY – Professional Race Data Analysis Software for GoPro Cameras

GoPro Only Software

New Multi-Camera HD Videos!

Create multi-camera HD videos with data overlay using just GoPro cameras*

Our incredible GoPro Only software will auto-synchronise up to 5 GoPro cameras (using GPS), combining them to produce multi-view HD videos with data overlays.

  • All you need is a GoPro and our GoPro Only Software – No Race Technology hardware is required. Extracting the GPS and accelerometer data from the video files to analyse lap/sector times, braking points, grip use, speed and cornering forces to help improve lap times. Up to 5 GoPro cameras will automatically synchronise in the GoPro Only Analysis software for analysis and video exports. It’s a powerful tool helping to make you a faster driver/rider. Learn race circuits quickly, and know them inside out by analysing the data. Optimise braking points, grip use, which lines are faster. Check traffic conditions on the video to explain slower points.
  • Our brand-new software programs make editing and making the video overlays from scratch a much more intuitive process, with some powerful new features. Grouping of controls allows easy switching on/off of visible elements. Easily change the displayed variables with simple drop-down menus.
  • New hardware acceleration option allows for even faster video generation.
  • All GoPro video formats supported, up to 4k and including LRV (Low Resolution Video) which is perfect for data analysis sessions.

All you need is a GoPro with our GoPro Only Software


* Requires GPS enabled GoPro cameras. GoPro models that feature GPS currently include: 5 Black, 6 Black, 7 Silver, 7 Black, 8 Black and 9 Black. Videos have to be standard rectangular profile, not 360-degree spherical videos.


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XSENS – Latest Customer Cases

Autonomous Vehicle

New speed record

In order to create an autonomous vehicle, several technological elements are necessary. Among these, inertial sensors of Xsens are used in the autopilot for orientation and centimeter-accurate positioning. The MTi-680G combined with all the other intelligent technologies makes it possible to develop a driverless car.

Read all about the record here


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WEISANG – FlexPro 2021 (13.0.3) Hotfix

Dear Customer,

Just a few days ago you received the first release of FlexPro 2021 version 13.0.2. Unfortunately, this version contains an error that caused FlexPro to crash when opening a text object embedded in a document in-place by double-clicking it.

We have fixed this error in version 13.0.3.

If you have not yet installed version 13.0.2, you can simply skip it and proceed with version 13.0.3 as you would with any update you receive.

We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you!

You will find the download links for your new version of FlexPro 2021 and the complete release notes in your MyWeisang area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

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NOVATEL – Avviso di EOL per “Commercial OEM7 hardware supporting High Speed”

NovAtel Inc. is announcing the End of Life of the following family of products:

Commercial OEM7 receivers with -H model
Commercial PwrPak7, PwrPak7D, GT7800, SPAN CPT7 enclosures with -H model

These products will be available for order until:
31 August 2021

Shipments may be scheduled for no later than:
30 June 2022

NovAtel will continue to repair and support these products until:
30 June 2023

What’s Changing
Hexagon’s A&P division continuously strives to provide a secure, robust solution across all our products. To ensure we meet today’s cybersecurity demands, we are changing our current Commercial to Controlled-Goods upgrade process. We are moving to a multistream approach by offering a Commercial hardware platform stream and a separate Control-Good hardware platform stream of products. This approach will provide increased safety during shipping, and in use. The new High-Speed hardware variant will be identified by the new set of marketing part numbers (i.e. OEM719H-xxx-xxx-xxx-H). This new hardware naming clearly identifies the hardware platform, an OEM719H in this case, as being natively capable of high-speed data output. It is classified as ControlledGoods right from the factory. The current marketing part numbers (i.e. OEM719-xxx-xxxxxx-H) will be set to End of Life (EOL). The new High-Speed capable hardware will be Form-Fit and Function compatible with the previous High-Speed hardware.

For a complete list of affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, please refer to the table below:

Discontinued Part Number Product Replacement Recommendation
GT7800- (all variants with -H) GT7800H-
OEM719- (all variants with -H) OEM719H-
OEM719A- (all variants with -H) OEM719AH-
OEM719B- (all variants with -H) OEM719BH-
OEM719C- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales
OEM729- (all variants with -H) OEM729H-
OEM7600- (all variants with -H) OEM7600H-
OEM7700- (all variants with -H) OEM7700H-
OEM7720- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales
PW7700- (all variants with -H) PW7700H-
PW7700E1- (all variants with -H) PW7700E1H-
PW7700E2- (all variants with -H) PW7700E2H-
PW7700M- (all variants with -H) PW7700MH-
PW7700QE2- (all variants with -H) PW7700QE2H-
PW7720- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales
SPANCPT7- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales


To discuss all options to transition to a new NovAtel product, contact your NovAtel Sales representative.
For a complete listing of NovAtel discontinued products, please refer to the list of the discontinued products on the NovAtel website at


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XSENS – Aggiornamenti firmware e MT Software Suite disponibili per la nostra gamma di prodotti MTi

New software and firmware available for our MTi product range!

It is a pleasure to announce that the MT Software Suite 2021.0 and new stable firmware for the MTi-G-710, MTi-7 and all of the MTi 600-series, are now available to download.

Main highlights of the Software and Firmware updates

The new MT Software Suite 2021.0 

  • Added ‘total free acceleration’ in plot
  • Updated Python support from 3.5 to 3.9
  • Small bug fixes

MTi 600-series incl. MTi-680G RTK GNSS/INS

  • Improved orientation performance for MTi-680G
  • Support for latest generation u-blox ZED and u-blox NEO
  • $GGA output through 4-pins connector
  • Added orientation smoother
  • Added In-run Compass Calibration (ICC)
  • Added stillness detection to MGBE


  • Added possibility to cancel ongoing manual gyro bias estimation
  • Added support for latest generation u-blox ZED and NEO receivers
  • Improved orientation performance


  • Added ability to initialize to a user-specified heading
  • Improved orientation performance

Per il download di Firmware e Software: Software downloads (

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OUSTER – Firmware 2.1.1: Better Perception Performance with Improved Reflectivity and Signal Multiplier mode

One of the major advantages of using Ouster Digital Lidar sensors is access to consistent firmware updates that dramatically improve sensor performance. With Firmware 2.1.1 we are continuing this trend, adding features that dramatically improve our sensors’ perception performance, improve detection probability of our sensors, and make them easier to work with.

Firmware 2.1.1 includes three major feature upgrades, along with bug fixes, to make our sensors even more effective for autonomy and smart infrastructure applications.

Per maggiori informazioni: Firmware 2.1.1: Better Perception Performance with Improved Reflectivity and Signal Multiplier mode | Ouster


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WEISANG – Update to the brand new FlexPro 2021

Update to the brand new FlexPro 2021

New License Structure

With the new version of FlexPro 2021, we are simplifying the product structure of FlexPro so that the individual editions can be better distinguished from each other. The following editions are available now:

  • FlexPro Basic includes data presentation, visual and mathematical analysis, no options can be added.
  • FlexPro Professional includes data presentation, visual and advanced mathematical analysis, teamwork functions, high-performance calculations, video analysis, measurement series analysis, control panel & controls, and automation, options can be added.
  • FlexPro Developer Suite the complete package with all the above features, plus all available options are included.

To our maintenance customers with a Standard Edition, we offer the upgrade to the Professional Edition free of charge. The other option is that you are satisfied with the functionality of the Basic Edition and switch to it. In any case, in the upcoming maintenance period, the price for maintenance will be calculated on the basis of the edition in use at that time. If you have worked with a View license so far, we also offer you the possibility of a free upgrade, in this case to the Basic Edition, with a corresponding adjustment of the maintenance costs in the future. Here you find detailed information about the FlexPro Editions.

Selected features of the new FlexPro 2021

  • State-of-the-art interactive data analysis
  • New row table and improved column table
  • New control panels and controls
  • Redeveloped order analysis using a new algorithm
  • Strain gauge rosette transformation
  • New import schemes for binary data

This list is by far not complete! Please have a look at our website to get to know the new features in detail. We are sure you will find many useful things that you can use immediately for your routine tasks.

For Maintenance Customer – This is how you update:

Login to your MyWeisang section of the website under your services click on FlexPro Maintenance |Open | Request update.


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