NOVATEL – Rilascio nuovo firmware versione 7.07.01 per i prodotti OEM7®, PwrPak7® and SPAN® CPT7

NOVATEL – 7.07.01 firmware release for our OEM7®, PwrPak7® and SPAN® CPT7 products

NovAtel® is pleased to announce the 7.07.01 firmware release for our OEM7®, PwrPak7® and SPAN® CPT7 products. Our OEM7 technology provides exceptional positioning availability using signals from all constellations and frequencies to deliver reliable autonomy and positioning.

The following key benefits are now available in the 7.07.01 release:

  • Faster satellite acquisition and at lower C/Nos decreases the time to first fix in both cold and hot starts • The SPAN Marine Profile simplifies receiver setup for applications in marine dynamics and improves the heave performance of the receiver.
  • The SPAN Rail Profile improves position accuracy over long GNSS outages in a rail environment
  • SPAN improvements of up to 20% in the horizontal position and up to 8% in the vertical position


A full listing of all changes is available in the “What’s New” document that is included with the firmware download.


7.07.00 Bulletin

To download the 7.07.01 firmware update for your specific platform, please visit:


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PPM TEST – RF and microwave for EMC testing

RF and microwave for EMC testing

We just wanted to share with you the feedback we are getting from customers such as Airbus and BAE Systems about our world-class Sentinel 3 RF over fibre system.

Here are some of the highlights from our customer feedback:

  • An additional 9dB of measured dynamic range
  • Measuring signals at -115dBm and even detecting at -120dBm
  • Reducing the number of measurement “batches”, due to low crosstalk and layout flexibility.
  • Reduce the total test time by HALF, including setup time.

Doesn’t that sound like it could have a huge impact on your EMC testing?

Sentinel 3 – Speed, Flexibility, Certainty


  • Faster test setup
  • 1 or 8 input transmitters
  • Receivers – 1, 2 or 6 input
  • Auto thermal compensation
  • Multiple performance modes
  • PC control via USB or Ethernet

Per maggiori informazioni visita la pagina:,6A6I8,VWTGJL,OSJWM,1

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NOVATEL – Avviso Galileo

Galileo Service Alert

Please be advised that there is a system advisory currently in place for all Galileo users. It was issued on July 11th, 2019 and does not have specified end date.

Observed system behavior shows that the Galileo INAV and FNAV ephemeris has not been updating. During this time, NovAtel receivers will continue to track Galileo signals, but without a valid ephemeris, the signals are not included in the position solution.

Products Affected:
All NovAtel OEM6 based and OEM7 based receivers that are configured to track Galileo signals.

Once the Galileo service returns to normal and transmits ephemeris information, NovAtel receivers will revert to normal operation.

Please refer to the NAGU provided by the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency for updates:


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Mod. MIB – Fotocamera termica

Micro-Bolometro veloce senza otturatore per la misurazione della temperatura

Il nuovo micro-bolometro Texense è lo strumento di misurazione della temperatura esterna del pneumatico più leggero e veloce disponibile sul mercato, con una precisione molto alta. Sono disponibili diverse opzioni per l’obiettivo, in grado di fornire  FOV (Field of View) di 66, 83 o 113 gradi. Trasmissione dei dati via CAN bus.

Caratteristiche principali:
• Alta accuratezza 1% FS (da temperatura ambiente fino a 200 °C)
• Alta frequenza di campionamento (fino a 100 Hz)
• 3x FOV disponibili (66, 83 e 113 gradi)
• Disponibile due modelli di case per differenti installazioni
• Uscita CAN configurabile dall’utente


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PPM TEST – Test EMC con il sistema a fibra ottica “Point2point RF Over Fiber” per le certificazioni di volo dell’aereomobile

Avoiding instrumentation interference and signal losses at high frequencies

As part of an aircraft’s certification for flight, aircraft must demonstrate safe operation within a range of environmental conditions. This includes Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) which, for civil aircraft, include High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and Lightning. Both HIRF and lightning testing involves either (i) high level whole aircraft testing or (ii) a hybrid test method of low level aircraft testing with high level equipment testing.

For either test method, fibre optic links (FOLs) are essential to prevent compromising the measurements. For example, during low level swept current and field measurements, FOLs are employed to provide signal gain and isolation from the generated EM environment, typically from 10kHz to 1GHz.

Prevent instrumentation influencing the aircraft’s transfer impedance

Instrumentation should not influence the aircraft’s transfer impedance whilst it is exposed to RF fields or simulated lightning – for example, currents that degrade the airframe shielding. Interconnecting cables that pass from the external environment to the internal aircraft environment will impact measurements, for example RF current can flow on the cable shields. It is important therefore that signal cables are not used to connect the external instrumentation to the field/current/voltage probes installed within the aircraft, whilst performing frequency or time domain measurements. This is particularly significant over the 10kHz to 1GHz frequency range, where cable coupling dominates the leakage mechanism into the aircraft under test.

Avoiding signal loss at high frequencies

The external instrumentation must be outside the measurement area which with large aircraft may lead to a separation distance of tens’s of metres. Signal loss then becomes a factor at higher frequencies. Such signal loss is also avoided by the use of a FOLs. A typical aircraft low level swept current measurement would require signal cables of 40 to 50 metres, introducing significant losses. FOLs are typically used with 100 or 200m link lengths, permitting signals to be coupled from the transducers installed on the aircraft to the measurement equipment for even large transporter/passenger aircraft, requiring fibre lengths of over 100m.


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NOVATEL – Nuova antenna SMART2™ per soluzioni di posizionamento scalabili in “Agricultural Applications”

New SMART2™ Antenna from NovAtel® Delivers Scalable Positioning Solutions for Agricultural Applications

Entry-Level SMART Antenna Provides Robust Position Accuracy and Reliability

(Calgary, Canada, June 25, 2019) NovAtel® unveiled the new SMART2 family of antennas today, adding robust entry-level options to their SMART Antenna portfolio that meets the needs of users requiring scalable accuracy in a single compact enclosure. With dual-frequency, multi-constellation signal tracking, the SMART2 delivers optimized position reliability and accuracy for the precision agriculture market.

Access to TerraStar Correction Services is also offered with the SMART2, providing users with improved accuracy and pass-to-pass performance. By building upon NovAtel’s industry-proven performance and features found in previous SMART antenna offerings, the SMART2 delivers flexible positioning solutions that grow with users’ needs.

“The SMART2 offers precision agriculture customers scalable accuracy to support applications from spraying through to planting in a single compact and affordable platform that is compatible with our previous generation SMART6 and Ag-Star antennas,” said Gordon Ryley, Agriculture Portfolio Manager at NovAtel.

The SMART2 also offers an optional terrain compensation feature that helps users working on uneven ground or slopes increase their efficiency by correcting deviations caused by a vehicle’s roll and pitch. The addition of optional Bluetooth connectivity simplifies the development of guidance and mapping applications by streamlining integration with tablets and other mobile devices.


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WEISANG – Rilasciata la nuova versione del software FLEXPRO 2019

Siamo lieti di annunciare il rilascio di FlexPro 2019!

Con FlexPro 2019 le attività saranno notevolmente semplificate.

FlexPro filtra e analizza i dati durante l’importazione e trasferisce automaticamente i singoli risultati di una misurazione in serie al report finale.

Caratteristiche principali della nuova versione:

• Importazione dei dati con selezione e analisi automatica dei canali
• Importazione ed esportazione di file di Microsoft Excel
• Raccolta di documenti per l’incorporazione di singoli report in un report finale
• Rapporti con sommari e illustrazioni
• Sezioni documenti con formati e intestazioni individuali
• Esportazione PDF
• Calcoli cross-channel per l’indicizzazione dei dati
• Anteprima dati con opzione cursore e zoom
• Nuove analisi per sviluppo, correzione della tendenza, approssimazione e volume
• Display e lingua Help selezionabili


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TEXENSE – YAW PITOT V3 Nuovo sensore

Mod. YAW PITOT V3 – Nuovo Sensore Pitot

Novità per il 2019, il sensore Texense YAW Pitot V3. Un sensore di Pitot ad altissima precisione che fornisce  pressione assoluta statica, temperatura dell’aria e misure dell’angolo YAW, progettato  in un unico alloggiamento compatto, leggero ed estremamente robusto con connettore Deutsch. Può essere connesso direttamente a qualsiasi sistema CAN generico. Sono disponibili su richiesta altezze/angoli del tubo variabili , per adattarsi alle varie installazione in auto. Il sensore YAW Pitot V3 sta guadagnando popolarità in serie come GT, LMP e Formula 1.

Caratteristiche principali:

  • Alta accuratezza ±1% FS
  • Temperatura aria +5 ÷ +85 °C
  • Pressione statica 600 ÷ 1200 mbar
  • Angolo YAW -40° ÷ +40°
  • Altezze/angoli del tubo variabili
  • Output CAN configurabile

Come per tutti i sensori Texense, la compensazione della temperatura e la precisione sono di altissimo livello, rendendoli la scelta numero uno per la misurazione del carico aerodinamico.

Il nuovo sensore YAW Pitot V3, sostituisce i modelli V1 e V2 YAW Pitot per cui è stato annunciato l’ EOL.

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XSENS – La serie MTi 600 è una nuova generazione di sensori inerziali 3D con tecnologia MEMS e interfaccia CAN

Xsens announces the all new MTi 600-series

The MTi 600-series is a generation of 3D MEMS inertial motion sensors which set a new standard in the market for their small size, industrial-grade performance and competitive pricing.

The new MTi 600-series features:

  • Full product range: IMU – VRU – AHRS – GNSS/INS
  • Small form factor, with flexible mounting options
  • Rich interface platform, including CAN bus support
  • External GNSS receiver support & NMEA compatibility
  • Industrial grade accuracy, with all sensors 100% calibrated and tested
  • Extended Kalman filtering (XKF3 Core)
  • Global 24/7 technical support
  • Fully supported by Xsens’ free MT Software Suite
  • ITAR-free

The new MTi 600-series addresses all small and large robotics and unmanned system innovators, in any domain: subsea, sea surface, land and air.

See what the MTi 600-Series can do:


For more info contact:

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NOVATEL – Avviso fine del servizio TerraStar-C per prodotti OEM7 NOVATEL

End of TerraStar-C Service for OEM7 Products

NovAtel recently introduced the TerraStar-C Pro service for our latest generation OEM7 and Smart7 family of products. This service delivers 50% faster convergence time and offers other benefits in combination with the new hardware including improved accuracy and multiple L-band tracking for higher availability of service.

Please visit for more details on the new TerraStar-C Pro service.

To ensure optimal positioning performance on the new OEM7 and Smart7 products, NovAtel will no longer offer the legacy TerraStar-C service on OEM7 products.

Starting July 1, 2019customers with OEM7 products will no longer be able to purchase TerraStar-C subscriptions.

OEM7 receivers with active TerraStar-C subscriptions will continue to operate in TerraStar-C mode and customers can wait to purchase TerraStar-C Pro until time of renewal. Customers
with active TerraStar-C subscriptions on OEM7 products can also contact NovAtel Support at any time for a free upgrade to TerraStar-C Pro.

The table below lists the most common legacy TerraStar-C parts and the replacement TerraStar-C Pro part. Note that 1-month and 6-month parts will not be offered for TerraStar-C Pro.

TerraStar-C Part Number
(offered until June 30, 2019)
TerraStar-C Pro Part Number
(must be purchased as of July 1, 2019)


There is one exception to the above TerraStar-C end of service for government part numbers. All TSC-GL-GV part numbers will still be orderable on OEM7 products.

Note that TerraStar-C services will continue to be fully supported and offered for sale on all TerraStar capable OEM6 products.

For questions regarding the TerraStar-C end of service on OEM7, or if you have a TerraStar-C part not on the above list, please contact your NovAtel Sales Representative.


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