OUSTER – End of Life Notice for REV 06 Lidar sensors

OUSTER – End of Life Notice for REV 06 Lidar sensors

We have an important Rev 06 product update for you all as part of our Ouster Partner Network. Please read below for the updates and reach out if you have any questions.


REV 06 Update: End of Life

We are informing you of the last time to buy and the end of life of our Revision 6 sensors. This includes our Rev 06 and Rev 06.2 OS0 and OS1 sensors.

Last Time Buy: 11/30/2023
End of Life: 9/30/2024

Please note that the date for “End of Life” is the final ship date.


We will have a new sensor offering that will be in a similar price range as the Rev 06 sensors. More information and details will come in December 2023.


Please reach out to your Ouster sales representative or the Ouster channel team for any questions on this product update, new lead times, or any other issues.

For your records, please see the Rev 06 Product End of Life Notification for additional details.



Per maggiori informazioni contattaci: https://www.lunitek.it/contatta-sensoristica-e-acquisizione-dati/


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