NOVATEL – Planning for ionospheric scintillation

NOVATEL – Planning for ionospheric scintillation

Planning for ionospheric scintillation in the new year

Ionospheric scintillation is affecting GNSS positioning more intensely than in years past.

Scintillation has always been a challenge, but increased solar activity is resulting in more frequent and stronger ionospheric activity than usual.

This is a problem facing all users of GNSS worldwide. But there are ways to strengthen your resiliency to this phenomenon.

We’re sharing some new resources below that explain what’s going on with the ionosphere and what you can do about it.

Forecasting ahead

By monitoring solar activity and ionospheric changes, we can forecast when and where scintillation will be strongest.

Use our map to plan ahead when ionosphere activity increases in your area.


Building resiliency to ionospheric scintillation

This new article explains the ionosphere, illustrates its impact on GNSS, and — most importantly — outlines what you can do right now to address scintillation challenges.


Staying informed is the best defense against ionospheric scintillation:

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