XSENS – Presentata la nuova unità MTi-7

XSENS – Presentata la nuova unità MTi-7

The new Xsens MTi-7: miniature and low power GNSS/INS module

Today we expand the MTi product portfolio by introducing the new MTi-7, a miniature GNSS/INS module which uses input from an external GNSS receiver to provide accurate, real-time position, velocity and orientation data.

The new MTi-7 module is compact (12 mm x 12 mm), weighs less than 1 gram and consumes under 100 mW. It is ideal for use in space- and power-constrained devices such as drones & UAVs, as well as autonomous or remote-controlled mapping and imaging equipment.

The high performance of the MTi-7 is due to Xsens’ advanced and proven sensor fusion algorithms.

Development Kit – Available now!

The MTi-7 development kit is now available. Included in this kit are all the things you need to set up your MTi-7.


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