XSENS – Extended MTi product portfolio

XSENS – Extended MTi product portfolio

Xsens extends industrial motion tracking products with new rugged modules for harsh environments

It is a pleasure to announce that we have two new products in our MTi 600-series, extending the customer’s choice of rugged products with and without an integrated satellite positioning receiver.

Xsens is adding a new GNSS/Inertial Navigation System (INS) module, the MTi-670G, and a rugged Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), the MTi-630R to the MTi 600-series. The complete MTi 600-series lineup now offers a flexible and diverse choice of products that is capable of meeting a broad range of application requirements at competitive prices. The rugged products added to the MTi 600-series are particularly well suited to use in harsh environments in maritime, mining, agricultural, and many other applications.

The MTi-670G and MTi-630R are housed in an IP68-rated aluminum enclosure which measures 40.9mm x 56.5mm x 36.8mm, and is high vibration- and shock-proof. Both modules feature standard CAN and RS232 interfaces and an output data rate of up to 400Hz.


Per maggiori informazioni contattaci: https://www.lunitek.it/contatta-sensoristica-e-acquisizione-dati/

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