XSENS – Avviso di EOL per i modelli MTi-10-xA8G4-DK e MTi-20-xA8G4-DK XSENS

XSENS – Avviso di EOL per i modelli MTi-10-xA8G4-DK e MTi-20-xA8G4-DK XSENS

1 Purpose

This is a notification to all customers that Xsens will officially implement an End of Life (EOL) for the development kit for MTi-10 and MTi-20 as described in Section 2. The milestones and dates are mentioned in Section 3.

The MTi 10-series has effectively been replaced by the new MTi 600-series. The MTi 600-series is comparable in performance but more attractively priced compared to the MTi 10-series. In the course of 2020 the MTi-600 series will be expanded with products with robust housing.

2 Affected Products

Current Part Number New Part Number Remarks

3 Milestones and dates

Milestone Description Date
End-of-Life Notice This document that describes the EOL of the DKs of the MTi 10-IMU and MTI 20-VRU March 2020
End-of-Sale The last date that products that are subject to this EOL can be ordered. April 1, 2020
Last Shipping Date The last-possible shipping date that can be requested. June 30, 2020
Last Date of Support The last date that Xsens Technical Support will provide support on the products subject to this EOL procedure. June 30, 2022

4 Customer Impact

4.1 Purchasing

The products mentioned in section 2 can be replaced by function with the MTi-30 Development Kits.


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