TALLYSMAN- Product Obsolescence Notification

TALLYSMAN- Product Obsolescence Notification

Product Obsolescence Notification

Dear Customers:

This letter serves as formal notification that Tallysman Wireless Incorporated (Tallysman) is discontinuing the production of the products listed below.

Discontinued Products:

  • TW2405 – GPS L1+GLONASS L1
  • TW2407 – GPS L1+GLONASS L1, Pre-Filtered
  • TW3100 – GPS L1
  • TW3320 – GPS L1+GLONASS G1,
  • TW3370 – GPS L1+GLONASS G1 High Gain 40 dB
  • TW4329 – Low Current GPS L1 + GLONASS G1, Pre-Filtered

As a part of our continuous commitment to provide customers with the most current technology and best experience, Tallysman is discontinuing manufacturing selected products from our standard product offerings due to outdated technology.

Tallysman has served the industrial market for over 12 years and we understand the importance of the industrial market life cycle. However, in today’s rapidly changing world, components become obsolete for many reasons, including continual technological advances. We will try our best to provide a product with the same functionality and quality.

Recommended Alternative Product Lines:

  • TW2405 and TW2407 replaced by TW2408
  • TW3100 replaced by TW3712
  • TW3320 replaced by TW3322
  • TW3370 replaced by TW3372
  • TW4329 replaced by TW4322


Warranty and After-Market Parts Support for Obsoleted Products:

Warranty: Standard Tallysman warranty terms are applicable for any last-time buy products.

After-Market Parts Support: Tallysman will support aftermarket parts for 3 years from the date of this notification. We will maintain components to service repairable items to support our customers’ installations.

We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause and remain eager to meet your future requirements.

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