RACE TECHNOLOGY – Professional Race Data Analysis Software for GoPro Cameras

RACE TECHNOLOGY – Professional Race Data Analysis Software for GoPro Cameras

GoPro Only Software

New Multi-Camera HD Videos!

Create multi-camera HD videos with data overlay using just GoPro cameras*

Our incredible GoPro Only software will auto-synchronise up to 5 GoPro cameras (using GPS), combining them to produce multi-view HD videos with data overlays.

  • All you need is a GoPro and our GoPro Only Software – No Race Technology hardware is required. Extracting the GPS and accelerometer data from the video files to analyse lap/sector times, braking points, grip use, speed and cornering forces to help improve lap times. Up to 5 GoPro cameras will automatically synchronise in the GoPro Only Analysis software for analysis and video exports. It’s a powerful tool helping to make you a faster driver/rider. Learn race circuits quickly, and know them inside out by analysing the data. Optimise braking points, grip use, which lines are faster. Check traffic conditions on the video to explain slower points.
  • Our brand-new software programs make editing and making the video overlays from scratch a much more intuitive process, with some powerful new features. Grouping of controls allows easy switching on/off of visible elements. Easily change the displayed variables with simple drop-down menus.
  • New hardware acceleration option allows for even faster video generation.
  • All GoPro video formats supported, up to 4k and including LRV (Low Resolution Video) which is perfect for data analysis sessions.

All you need is a GoPro with our GoPro Only Software


* Requires GPS enabled GoPro cameras. GoPro models that feature GPS currently include: 5 Black, 6 Black, 7 Silver, 7 Black, 8 Black and 9 Black. Videos have to be standard rectangular profile, not 360-degree spherical videos.


Per maggiori informazioni contattaci: https://www.lunitek.it/contatta-sensoristica-e-acquisizione-dati/

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