PPM TEST – RF and microwave for EMC testing

PPM TEST – RF and microwave for EMC testing

RF and microwave for EMC testing

We just wanted to share with you the feedback we are getting from customers such as Airbus and BAE Systems about our world-class Sentinel 3 RF over fibre system.

Here are some of the highlights from our customer feedback:

  • An additional 9dB of measured dynamic range
  • Measuring signals at -115dBm and even detecting at -120dBm
  • Reducing the number of measurement “batches”, due to low crosstalk and layout flexibility.
  • Reduce the total test time by HALF, including setup time.

Doesn’t that sound like it could have a huge impact on your EMC testing?

Sentinel 3 – Speed, Flexibility, Certainty


  • Faster test setup
  • 1 or 8 input transmitters
  • Receivers – 1, 2 or 6 input
  • Auto thermal compensation
  • Multiple performance modes
  • PC control via USB or Ethernet

Per maggiori informazioni visita la pagina: https://ppmtest.com/products/fibre-optic-links/sentinel-3-intelligent-links/?dm_i=6KR,6A6I8,VWTGJL,OSJWM,1

Oppure contattaci: https://www.lunitek.it/contatta-sensoristica-e-acquisizione-dati/

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