PPM TEST – New Passive Integrator and Current Probe to Range

PPM TEST – New Passive Integrator and Current Probe to Range

PPM Test has expanded its offering of passive integrators and current probes with the addition of two products from its partner Prodyn Technologies.

The PI-.05 is the latest addition to the range of passive integrators and has a faster time constant of .05 microseconds and higher frequency than the other integrators. There are different standard connectors available with the integrator, including SMA, TNC and BNC. The maximum voltage will alter depending on the connector type. (FIG. 1)



PPM Test also stocks Prodyn’s new I-125-2E current probe. As part of the I-125 series, it has a mid-size aperture of 1.25 inches and hinged two piece design for durability and ease of use. The probe is a Kwik-Latch® wide band device with a usable frequency range of between 1 kHz and 200 MHz and a transfer impedance of 1 ?. It comes with the ‘N’ type connector as standard. (FIG. 2)

FIG. 2


The PI-.05 passive integrator is used in pulse waveform immunity EMC / EMP testing, while the new I-125-2E current probe is used in pulse waveform and high power conducted signal measurement on cable assemblies. Prodyn, which recently celebrated its 40th birthday, is a leading expert in the electromagnetic testing industry and provides high quality sensors and probes for its customers in the USA scientific and electronic communities. Partner PPM Test supplies Prodyn products globally, outside of the USA.


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