OXTS – Avviso di EOL per i sistemi RT1003 e OEM1000 OXTS

OXTS – Avviso di EOL per i sistemi RT1003 e OEM1000 OXTS



Dear Customer,

EOL Announcement for RT1003 and OEM1000

I am writing to announce our plan to make the following INS products ‘end of life’ (EOL) on 31st December 2021. There will be no supply after this date. The decision to EOL the affected products is in response to our Gyroscope supplier announcing the same for the CRG20 gyro – this is a key component present in both affected products.

Affected product models: RT1003 and OEM1000

It is our firm plan to develop new versions of the affected product models. This work has started already. The new versions are expected to include the same exterior (case, label, front panel, user cable) as they do now, with similar or improved performance for automotive testing applications. We intend to work collaboratively with our customers throughout 2021 to develop, test and release these new versions into the market as seamlessly as possible.


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