OUSTER – Introducing the OSDome: expanding short-range vision

OUSTER – Introducing the OSDome: expanding short-range vision

The OSDome is our newest addition to the OS family!

Our digital lidar architecture enables unmatched flexibility to create new sensor variations. Our newest sensor, OSDome, is based upon the same foundational design as the entire OS family and delivers a high-resolution, hemisphere view of the surroundings, optimal for comprehensive situational awareness in close quarters.

We fine-tuned the design of the OSDome for maximum perception performance in the most compact form factor. We can’t wait to see how you leverage the unique capabilities of our newest sensor to grow your business.

Complete Vision: The OSDome blankets indoor space with high-resolution lidar coverage, making it ideal for crowd analytics and floor-to-ceiling vision in warehouses.

Discreet Design: We built the OSDome to be the lidar sensor that sees everything, yet stays out of sight. With its compact design it can discreetly integrate into any room or onto any vehicle.

Clear Data for Clear Detection: With 128 channels of vertical resolution, high precision, and dual returns, the OSDome delivers crisp data across the entire field of view to enable optimal perception algorithm performance.

Privacy-Preserving People Tracking: Accurately track people through space without collecting or storing personally identifiable facial data. Mitigate the privacy and liability concerns that come with traditional cameras.

Same Architecture, New Opportunities: OSDome is based on the same foundational digital lidar architecture as the rest of the OS family. Build solutions with all sensors on a common platform using the same tools.


Per maggiori informazioni: https://www.lunitek.it/contatta-sensoristica-e-acquisizione-dati/

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