NOVATEL – Nuovi prodotti PwrPak7D® e OEM-IMU-EG370N NOVATEL

NOVATEL – Nuovi prodotti PwrPak7D® e OEM-IMU-EG370N NOVATEL

PwrPak7-E2 & PwrPak7D-E2

PwrPak7-E2 and PwrPak7D-E2 are the newest and most advanced additions to the PwrPak7 family of enclosures

  • PwrPak7-E2: Single antenna connection integrated with an OEM7700 board and an internal Epson G370N IMU
  • PwrPak7D-E2: Dual antenna connection providing heading solution. Integrated with an OEM7720 board and the internal Epson G370N IMU

The PwrPak7D-E2 enclosure integrates the advanced Epson G370 IMU with NovAtel’s popular dual antenna receiver board OEM7720, delivering a GNSS-INS solution for robust heading and positioning with improved performance and higher INS data rate at 200Hz.  When combined with SPAN Land Vehicle, positioning and attitude performance is extended further into GNSS outages.

Both the PwrPak7-E2 and PwrPak7D-E2 include NovAtel’s Interference Tookit with advanced interference detection and mitigation features applicable to all stages of your integration journey.  With 16GB onboard storage, users can capture data up to 5 days.  A web user interface accessible through ethernet or WiFi allows for quick and easy configuration and control.




  • OEM-IMU-EG370N: Advanced Epson G370N IMU with higher performance and 200Hz INS data rate
EG370N EG320N
INS Solution 200Hz 125Hz
Gyroscope Dynamic Range ±450 deg/sec ±150 deg/sec
Gyroscope Bias Instability 0.8 deg/hr 3.5 deg/hr
Gyroscope Angular Random Walk 0.06 deg/?hr 0.1 deg/?hr
Accelerometer Dynamic Range ±10g ±5g
Accelerometer Bias Instability 0.01mg 0.1mg
Accelerometer Random Walk 0.025 m/s/?hr 0.05 m/s/?hr


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