NOVATEL – NovAtel Waypoint Outage Notification

NOVATEL – NovAtel Waypoint Outage Notification

Waypoint Outage Notification

This is a notification that Waypoint FTP and licensing servers will experience an extended outage for maintenance this weekend, from 7:00 AM on Saturday, February 12, 2022, to 5:00 PM on Sunday, February 13, 2022 (MST).

During this outage, Waypoint users will be unable to:

  • Activate software licenses, return software licenses, or access the customer portal
  • Access updates to the lists of public sources and coordinates for base stations, precise SP3/CLK files, antenna calibrations, error models, datum/grid parameters, and DCB updates provided via FTP
  • Use the TerraStar NRT service on the “North America” server

For detailed information on this outage including impact and mitigation options, please see the complete bulletin here:

Per maggiori informazioni contattaci:

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