NOVATEL – NovAtel Announces Firmware 7.08.10 update for select OEM7 platforms

NOVATEL – NovAtel Announces Firmware 7.08.10 update for select OEM7 platforms

Firmware 7.08.10 update for select OEM7 platforms

As an existing customer using our OEM7 products, we wanted to share the latest firmware update enabling the enhanced performance of your devices from Hexagon | NovAtel.

The 7.08.10 firmware update includes enhancements to the TerraStar-C PRO Correction Service for the following OEM7 platforms: OEM719, OEM729, OEM7700, CPT7700, PwrPak7, GT7800, and associated variants, excluding dual antenna variants.

Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division’s RTK From the Sky™ technology delivers the fastest, most reliable PPP corrections worldwide with 99.999% availability, centimeter-level accuracy, and convergence as fast as three minutes. The 7.08.10 firmware release integrates this technology into OEM7 platforms for use with a TerraStar-C PRO subscription.

The release also improves positioning performance and convergence using quad frequency corrections in PPP, including the modernized BeiDou B1C, B2a, B2b, and B3 and Galileo E6B signals.

This 7.08.10 firmware release includes:

  • TerraStar-C PRO enhancements with global RTK From the Sky technology, including improved signal tracking and convergence using quad frequency signals
  • Improved multipath mitigation
  • Increased idle time available
  • Enhancements when tracking the modernized BeiDou and Galileo signals

The new 7.08.10 firmware is available as a free update for all OEM7 users.


TerraStar-C PRO free 5-day trial

With the 7.08.10 firmware update, customers with existing TerraStar-C PRO subscriptions will see immediate improvements to their correction service. These improvements include RTK-level accuracy with convergence in minutes and 99.999% availability worldwide through modernization of our PPP correction generation and algorithm development.

NovAtel is offering a free 5-day trial of TerraStar-C PRO for any user interested in experiencing the enhanced performance enabled by RTK From the Sky technology. Request your free trial today.


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