NOVATEL – New 7.08.02 firmware release for CPT7 products

NOVATEL – New 7.08.02 firmware release for CPT7 products

New 7.08.02 firmware release for CPT7 products

As an existing customer using our CPT7 enclosure, we wanted to notify you about a new firmware release, 7.08.02, which coincides with the release of two new CPT7 variants. The 7.08.02 firmware includes azimuth performance improvements and general updates to your current CPT7 unit and is now available for all customers.

Our two new CPT7 variants, the CPT7 and CPT7700, have the same low size, weight, and power offerings with additional hardware features. We will continue supporting the legacy CPT7. Any new purchase orders will offer the upgraded CPT7 or new CPT7700 variant.


New hardware features on CPT7 variants

The updated dual-antenna CPT7 enclosure includes the OEM7720 receiver board, while the single-antenna variant CPT7700 uses an OEM7700 card supporting a higher availability of frequencies. Both devices include a Honeywell HG4930 AN04 IMU to support our SPAN GNSS+INS technology for position, velocity, attitude, and heave measurements.

New features of the CPT7 and CPT7700 enclosures include:

  • Support for wheel sensor data including ticks and direction
  • Onboard data storage up to 16 GB for real-time data logging
  • Low size, weight, and power for technical scenarios where space is at a premium
  • SPAN GNSS+INS technology for continuously available inertial measurements
  • LED status indicators
  • Optional high IMU data rate (400 Hz) for enhanced data resolution


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