NOVATEL – Avviso fine del servizio TerraStar-C per prodotti OEM7 NOVATEL

NOVATEL – Avviso fine del servizio TerraStar-C per prodotti OEM7 NOVATEL

End of TerraStar-C Service for OEM7 Products

NovAtel recently introduced the TerraStar-C Pro service for our latest generation OEM7 and Smart7 family of products. This service delivers 50% faster convergence time and offers other benefits in combination with the new hardware including improved accuracy and multiple L-band tracking for higher availability of service.

Please visit for more details on the new TerraStar-C Pro service.

To ensure optimal positioning performance on the new OEM7 and Smart7 products, NovAtel will no longer offer the legacy TerraStar-C service on OEM7 products.

Starting July 1, 2019customers with OEM7 products will no longer be able to purchase TerraStar-C subscriptions.

OEM7 receivers with active TerraStar-C subscriptions will continue to operate in TerraStar-C mode and customers can wait to purchase TerraStar-C Pro until time of renewal. Customers
with active TerraStar-C subscriptions on OEM7 products can also contact NovAtel Support at any time for a free upgrade to TerraStar-C Pro.

The table below lists the most common legacy TerraStar-C parts and the replacement TerraStar-C Pro part. Note that 1-month and 6-month parts will not be offered for TerraStar-C Pro.

TerraStar-C Part Number
(offered until June 30, 2019)
TerraStar-C Pro Part Number
(must be purchased as of July 1, 2019)


There is one exception to the above TerraStar-C end of service for government part numbers. All TSC-GL-GV part numbers will still be orderable on OEM7 products.

Note that TerraStar-C services will continue to be fully supported and offered for sale on all TerraStar capable OEM6 products.

For questions regarding the TerraStar-C end of service on OEM7, or if you have a TerraStar-C part not on the above list, please contact your NovAtel Sales Representative.


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