NOVATEL – Avviso di EOL per “Commercial OEM7 hardware supporting High Speed”

NOVATEL – Avviso di EOL per “Commercial OEM7 hardware supporting High Speed”

NovAtel Inc. is announcing the End of Life of the following family of products:

Commercial OEM7 receivers with -H model
Commercial PwrPak7, PwrPak7D, GT7800, SPAN CPT7 enclosures with -H model

These products will be available for order until:
31 August 2021

Shipments may be scheduled for no later than:
30 June 2022

NovAtel will continue to repair and support these products until:
30 June 2023

What’s Changing
Hexagon’s A&P division continuously strives to provide a secure, robust solution across all our products. To ensure we meet today’s cybersecurity demands, we are changing our current Commercial to Controlled-Goods upgrade process. We are moving to a multistream approach by offering a Commercial hardware platform stream and a separate Control-Good hardware platform stream of products. This approach will provide increased safety during shipping, and in use. The new High-Speed hardware variant will be identified by the new set of marketing part numbers (i.e. OEM719H-xxx-xxx-xxx-H). This new hardware naming clearly identifies the hardware platform, an OEM719H in this case, as being natively capable of high-speed data output. It is classified as ControlledGoods right from the factory. The current marketing part numbers (i.e. OEM719-xxx-xxxxxx-H) will be set to End of Life (EOL). The new High-Speed capable hardware will be Form-Fit and Function compatible with the previous High-Speed hardware.

For a complete list of affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, please refer to the table below:

Discontinued Part Number Product Replacement Recommendation
GT7800- (all variants with -H) GT7800H-
OEM719- (all variants with -H) OEM719H-
OEM719A- (all variants with -H) OEM719AH-
OEM719B- (all variants with -H) OEM719BH-
OEM719C- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales
OEM729- (all variants with -H) OEM729H-
OEM7600- (all variants with -H) OEM7600H-
OEM7700- (all variants with -H) OEM7700H-
OEM7720- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales
PW7700- (all variants with -H) PW7700H-
PW7700E1- (all variants with -H) PW7700E1H-
PW7700E2- (all variants with -H) PW7700E2H-
PW7700M- (all variants with -H) PW7700MH-
PW7700QE2- (all variants with -H) PW7700QE2H-
PW7720- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales
SPANCPT7- (all variants with -H) Please Contact NovAtel Sales


To discuss all options to transition to a new NovAtel product, contact your NovAtel Sales representative.
For a complete listing of NovAtel discontinued products, please refer to the list of the discontinued products on the NovAtel website at


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