OXTS – Pozyx 2GAD Enhanced data accuracy in a GNSS-denied space

OXTS – Pozyx 2GAD Enhanced data accuracy in a GNSS-denied space

Pozyx 2GAD

Enhance accuracy in a GNSS-denied space using Pozyx ultra-wideband (UWB) as an aiding source

No GNSS? No problem

With the OxTS’ Pozyx 2GAD (to Generic Aiding Data) solution, you can enhance the data accuracy you achieve in your multi-storey car parks, tunnels, underpasses and other GNSS-denied spaces.

The solution enables real-time position updates, provided by a Pozyx ultra-wideband system, to be fused with your OxTS INS inertial measurements for improved navigation performance in the absence of GNSS signals.

Enhanced accuracy

Of position, orientation and dynamics data in the absence of GNSS aiding

GNSS-Pozyx transitions

Enable routes into and out of GNSS-denied areas

Different inputs, same outputs

Delivered at high data rate (100 Hz or 250 Hz), with low latency, as with GNSS aiding

Approved robot integration

Compatible with industry-standard products including AB Dynamics Launchpad 80 and GST

Compatibility with RT-Range

Enables relative measurements to up to four targets

Uses OxTS’ 2GAD technology

To fuse Pozyx data with inertial measurements in the trusted OxTS navigation engine



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