WEISANG – Update to the brand new FlexPro 2021

WEISANG – Update to the brand new FlexPro 2021

Update to the brand new FlexPro 2021

New License Structure

With the new version of FlexPro 2021, we are simplifying the product structure of FlexPro so that the individual editions can be better distinguished from each other. The following editions are available now:

  • FlexPro Basic includes data presentation, visual and mathematical analysis, no options can be added.
  • FlexPro Professional includes data presentation, visual and advanced mathematical analysis, teamwork functions, high-performance calculations, video analysis, measurement series analysis, control panel & controls, and automation, options can be added.
  • FlexPro Developer Suite the complete package with all the above features, plus all available options are included.

To our maintenance customers with a Standard Edition, we offer the upgrade to the Professional Edition free of charge. The other option is that you are satisfied with the functionality of the Basic Edition and switch to it. In any case, in the upcoming maintenance period, the price for maintenance will be calculated on the basis of the edition in use at that time. If you have worked with a View license so far, we also offer you the possibility of a free upgrade, in this case to the Basic Edition, with a corresponding adjustment of the maintenance costs in the future. Here you find detailed information about the FlexPro Editions.

Selected features of the new FlexPro 2021

  • State-of-the-art interactive data analysis
  • New row table and improved column table
  • New control panels and controls
  • Redeveloped order analysis using a new algorithm
  • Strain gauge rosette transformation
  • New import schemes for binary data

This list is by far not complete! Please have a look at our website to get to know the new features in detail. We are sure you will find many useful things that you can use immediately for your routine tasks.

For Maintenance Customer – This is how you update:

Login to your MyWeisang section of the website under your services click on FlexPro Maintenance |Open | Request update.


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