OXTS – Multiple Sensor Points for ADAS Test & Validation

OXTS – Multiple Sensor Points for ADAS Test & Validation


Cover all angles of sensor validation

A new software feature called Sensor Points looks set to revolutionise the way OxTS’ RT-Range S is used for ADAS development involving radar, ultrasonic and optical sensors. The updated firmware, which will be available from January 2019, allows engineers to define up to 12 sensor points on a test vehicle to represent the fields of vision of the sensors being evaluated.

Once configured to use Sensor Points, the RT-Range S calculates real-time measurements based on the presence of one or more targets in a sensor’s detection area. Measurements include range to target, target visibility percentage and the percentage of the sensor’s field of view that is occupied by each target.

In addition to the new Sensor Points feature, the RT-Range S can still calculate its real-time distance to lane and polygon to polygon measurements, making it one of the most capable and versatile ADAS test and validation systems on the market.

Per maggiori informazioni contattaci: https://www.lunitek.it/contatta-sensoristica-e-acquisizione-dati/

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XSENS – Annunciato il rilascio del nuovo MT Software Suite 2019


Pre-announcement: MT Software Suite 2019 is releasing soon

We will be releasing MT Software Suite 2019 soon. This software update will bring several new features.

  • Open source XDA (Xsens API), allowing users to modify, extend and compile XDA on nearly any platform
  • Extended MT SDK including new Python and ROS examples
  • Improved NMEA support for easy third party equipment integration
  • Upgraded MFM (Magnetic Field Mapper) showing live feedback
  • Updated visual interface of MT Manager software for improved usability

For more on MT Software Suite, please follow this link.

Per maggiori informazioni contattaci: info.sarzana@lunitek.it

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